Consecration Preparation Continues

Twelve days of consecration preparation have now been fulfilled.  I pray that you have found your rhythm, or have accepted and are at peace with your “non-rhythm”.  I venture to say that your thoughts are turning more often to Mary in a natural and gentle way. 

Perhaps you felt an initial loneliness for Jesus?  When your prayers very naturally addressed Him, did your mind, heart and soul experience a little start and an ache as you reminded yourself to go to Him through His Mother?  I know I experienced this, but how quickly Mary’s words rang true – to bring everything to her as our Mother, for she wants only to bring us closer to the Sacred Heart of her Son.

Does consecration to Mary mean that we can never again pray to Jesus, talk with Jesus, rest in the contemplation of Jesus and His love?  No, of course not.  But this consecration preparation is a period for deepening our relationship with His Mother, and He welcomes our decision and our desire to spend this one-on-one time with her.

Jesus hears all of our prayers, concerns, desires, anxieties and insecurities through Mary as she intercedes for us, and she expresses all these to Him with the concern and tenderness that only a mother can feel. 

As we continue with the consecration preparation, the format here will change to reflect your growing familiarity with the process and with the consecration resource material.  As the St. Louis de Montfort consecration preparation method now enters a one-week period, I will similarly post a one-week period for the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary method, in order to keep everything co-ordinated. Other material will be presented as well, so check in every so often as we continue our journey with Mary.


3 Responses

  1. To say that I hit the wall yesterday is to say we’ve had a bit of snow this year. What rebellion raged in me. Fierce. I couldn’t get to sleep for hours upon hours, and prayer became a staring at the porch light through the blinds over and over. But there come moments of sudden clarity, like this morning’s thought as I commented over at Adam’s Ale that Fr. Valencheck had, like the Carpenter Himself did, hit the nail on the head (it’s a big primary day here, and his post was about how ludicrous it is to say we divorce ourselves from the Church so as to vote as an American). “Hit the nail on the head” made me think — for the first time ever — of how Jesus was even mocked by malevolence in His own trade: Nails fastening Him to the wood.. His poverty even of dignity was to be total. What solace I wanted to offer Him for that slam, too, but can I? No. At least, not as much as can His mother — She was there, all the way. Her heart was pierced “so that the thoughts of many may be revealed.” I can only put my more minor aching heart into hers, to be offered well.

    And I will hang in there.

  2. No, I’ve never thought of that before either, JustMe; what a remarkable insight. As I was thinking about the irony of it, or as you say, Jesus being mocked by the malevolence in His own trade, I began to think of how, perhaps, when He was a young boy, and Joseph was teaching Him the trade, Mary would have been anxious, like every mother, that He might wound himself in the workshop with the hammers and sharp nails…

    This rebellion that was raging in you – it is to do with the consecration preparation? I did not feel any rage, but a loneliness the first couple of weeks; lonely for Jesus, until things began to flow more naturally and I knew it wasn’t a rejection of Him but a gift of them both. I wonder if the consecration preparation works out “what’s got to be worked out” in each one of us, differently.

  3. Oh, I felt the loneliness, yes. But also ‘yes’ to “thoughts are turning more often to Mary in a natural and gentle way.”

    Yes, the rebellion was what it always is, in some way or another: a temptation to run from the Cross. I forgot how much satan hates and fears Mary, along with hating and fearing her Child.

    I trust in her triumph. I trust that Jesus approves of my missing Him for now. I trust that every Consecration is no small thing.

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