Day Nine

St. Louis de Montfort Preparation:

Day Nine of the 12 Preliminary Days, in which you endeavour to free yourself from the spirit of the world.

  • Prayers to be said today: Veni Creator and Ave Maris Stella
  • Choose your spiritual reading from: Matthew, Chapters 5, 6, 7; Imitation of Christ, Book I, Chapters 13, 18, 25; Book III, Chapters 10, 40
  • Your spiritual exercises: Examine your conscience, pray, practice renouncement, mortification, purity of heart; this purity is the indispensable condition for contemplating God in Heaven, to see Him on earth and to know Him by the light of faith.

“Where two or three are gathered”: Click on the arrow to enter into Day Nine, courtesy of Jennifer and Greg Willits of Rosary Army. May God continue to bless them in their apostolates.

God the Father made an assemblage of all the waters and He named it the sea (mare).  He made an assemblage of all His graces and He called it Mary (Maria).”

God the Son has communicated to His Mother all that He acquired by His life and His death, His infinite merits and His admirable virtues; and He has made her the treasurer of all that His Father gave Him for His inheritance.  It is by her that He applies His merits to His members, and that He communicates His virtues, and distributes His graces.  She is His mysterious canal; she is His aqueduct, through which He makes His mercies flow gently and abundantly.”

“To Mary, His faithful spouse, God the Holy Ghost has communicated His unspeakable gifts; and He has chosen her to be the dispenser of all He possesses, in such wise that she distributes to whom she wills, as much as she wills, as she wills and when she wills, all His gifts and graces.  The Holy Ghost gives no heavenly gift to men which He does not have pass through her virginal hands.”

[From True Devotion to Mary:  pgs. 14-15, paragraphs 23, 24, 25]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Immaculate Heart Preparation:

Some highlights from the reflection for Day Nine:

  • “When my Heart is infused into yours and yours becomes mine, you shall gain the victory of peace on earth.”
  • “My dear children, I ask of you an intention in your prayer of the Rosary that all hearts shall be opened to respond to my request for this global consecration.”
  • The Holy Spirit, as the Spouse of Our Lady, comes from within her heart into ours.  Once Our Lady has made our hearts ripe, the Holy Spirit shall come to harvest such a holy love, for it is still her Son that she brings every heart to.
  • Humility is the basis and guardian of all virtue….Through our consecration we gain in this grace, for it is only in humility that we are able to fulfill and bring fruit from our pledge.
  • My Queen and my Advocate, assist me to humble my heart and soul before the glory of God.  Grant to me the grace of humility in the moment of my consecration so that I may imitate the intensity of your own FIAT.

3 Responses

  1. This consecration, perhaps oddly enough, is requiring sheer faith of me. In a way, it is remiiscent of how baffled I was when Fr. J. offered us a 12-step program (two, actually: 12 Steps in the Bible, and 12 Steps of Spirituality) as a first step to prepare us to be better evangelizers “in the modern world.” How is it that (unaddicted) Catholics should need this as preparation? He said, “Trust me, you’ll see.” It was to lead to finding out what Unconditional love is (crucially needed knowledge, if we were about to live it, too), as well as about our first removing the plank from our eye before we go messing with others’ cinders.

    That preparation was a necessary prelude to a fruitful fiat. So is this preparation, but it’s goal is even more focused and tangible.

    I confess, tho’, that it feels as it did that day in the funhouse when a few feet in, it suddenly went black–I’d held onto my daughters shirttail to get me through to the light. There was no going back. I simply trust Mary. Who couldn’t? She is God’s own.

  2. I can relate entirely, JustMe. Day by day, pure faith and anticipation. “…a necessary prelude to a fruitful fiat”. Yes. And perhaps the culmination of many, many lesser fiats? We must sink into the mystery of it all now.

  3. “sink” seems the fitting word, yes. A major fiat, unlike a human matrimonial one, has everything to do with the mystery of suffering, I think.

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