Day Eight

St. Louis de Montfort Preparation:

Day Eight of the 12 Preliminary Days, in which you endeavour to free yourself from the spirit of the world.

  • Prayers to be said today: Veni Creator and Ave Maris Stella
  • Choose your spiritual reading from: Matthew, Chapters 5, 6, 7; Imitation of Christ, Book I, Chapters 13, 18, 25; Book III, Chapters 10, 40
  • Your spiritual exercises: Examine your conscience, pray, practice renouncement, mortification, purity of heart; this purity is the indispensable condition for contemplating God in Heaven, to see Him on earth and to know Him by the light of faith.

“Where two or three are gathered”: Click on the arrow to enter into Day Eight, courtesy of Jennifer and Greg Willits of Rosary Army. May God continue to bless them in their apostolates.

“God the Holy Ghost, being barren in God – that is to say, not producing another Divine Person – is become fruitful by Mary, whom He has espoused.  It was with her, in her, and of her that He produced His Masterpiece, which is God made Man, and that He goes on producing daily, to the end of the world, the predestinate and the members of the Body of that adorable Head.” [True Devotion to Mary:  pgs. 13-14, paragraph 20]

“It is not that we mean that our Blessed Lady gives the Holy Ghost His fruitfulness, as if He had it not Himself…But what we mean is that the Holy Ghost chose to make use of our Blessed Lady, though He had no absolute need of her, to bring His fruitfulness into action, by producing in her and by her Jesus Christ and His members – a mystery of grace unknown to even the wisest and most spiritual among Christians.” [True Devotion to Mary: pg. 14, paragraph 21]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Immaculate Heart Preparation:

Some highlights from the reflection for Day Eight:

  • “Stay strong in unity.  Satan can cause no harm when we remain unified with my Jesus as our center.  I tell you, I have come to call you into conviction; the conviction of a global consecration.  I shall come to harvest from this unified consecration, my co-hort.”
  • “In the Consecration to my Immaculate Heart, you give your YES to be chosen, to be placed in His service in a special way.  You are accepting the sacrifices of the Triumph.  For I shall ask much from each of you.”
  • “The more you allow the passage of my message upon your soul, the farther I am allowed to carry you into the depths of understanding…I come to help you to transform your heart and soul into the true meaning of conversion – into the image of God.”
  • This Act of Consecration shall find your soul in a deep and profound love.  This love is so consuming that it reaches toward the heart of Our Lady with such force that she is drawn to your heart.  This desire of the soul to be consecrated to Our Lady causes a certain attraction, a magnetism.  It is this attraction that brings this intense desire of your heart to Our Lady’s attention.  Once she has found and focused upon your soul’s desire, she concentrates and intensifies this love, and the foundation for the divine exchange is formed.
  • It is your self-will that brings ruin to your soul, but through your consecration, rich soil is tilled into it.  The pruning of your soul lays the foundation for the graces received in the consecration.

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