Day Two

St. Louis de Montfort Preparation:

Day Two of the 12 Preliminary Days, in which you endeavour to free yourself from the spirit of the world.

  • Prayers to be said today: Veni Creator and Ave Maris Stella
  • Choose your spiritual reading from: Matthew, Chapters 5, 6, 7; Imitation of Christ, Book I, Chapters 13, 18, 25; Book III, Chapters 10, 40
  • Your spiritual exercises: Examine your conscience, pray, practice renouncement, mortification, purity of heart; this purity is the indispensable condition for contemplating God in Heaven, to see Him on earth and to know Him by the light of faith.

“Where two or three are gathered”: Click on the arrow to enter into Day Two, courtesy of Jennifer and Greg Willits of Rosary Army. May God continue to bless them in their apostolates.

“St. Louis de Montfort was the one to whom it was given to explain thoroughly the path ‘to Jesus through Mary’ and to shape it into a definite method of spiritual life.  He does not propose some special or “extra” prayers, but rather, a devotion which essentially consists of one single act which, under various forms and conditions, we apply to our whole life, both interior and exterior.  This devotion leads to a permanent disposition of living and acting habitually in dependence on Mary; it embraces one’s entire life, not just one’s prayer times or specifically religious acts.

St. Louis de Montfort knew that Mary is the pathway to her Son, leading souls quickly and securely to Jesus Christ, the Eternal Wisdom.” [True Devotion to Mary, pgs. xii-xiii]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Immaculate Heart Preparation:

Some highlights from the reflection for Day One:

  • “Dear children, the act of consecration to my Immaculate Heart is just as I speak it.  It is an act and not merely words.”
  • “I tell you, your hearts are a window to your soul; the Act of Consecration opens this window.”
  • “Look into my heart, dear ones, for when you gaze in, you shall only receive the Trinity.  I can only reflect the presence of God to you.”
  • Our Lady brings to us a call to her mission – the mission for the Triumph.  This mission begins in our consecration to her Immaculate Heart.
  • The Act of Consecration will join our hearts through hers, to her Son, through a specially created grace.
  • May I give action to the words I promise to you, dear Mother.

The reflection for Day Two is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and  important ones of the thirty-three, and so I am going to post a good portion of it here.  It teaches us the purpose of the Consecration, and what will take place during the Act of Consecration:

“Our Lady reminds us of the purpose of the consecration.  The consecration holds the promise of a soul to be possessed by her and through her to God, the Holy Spirit.  As she remains the spouse of the Holy Spirit, all is given to God, so it is in this way that our hearts are also promised to God through our consecration to her.  Since the entire purpose of Our Lady is to bring all hearts to her Son, she in effect, is collecting all souls to Him.

In the Act of Consecration, our heart is exchanged, by divine grace, for Our Lady’s heart and then our souls are purified and cleansed through a focused reconciliation with God.  When the soul comes into union with Our Lady, the desire to imitate her becomes the purpose of this union.  The heart is brought to the level of purity required for the heart to correspond with the imitation of Our Lady, thus bringing about the necessary spiritual atmosphere for the exchange of hearts to occur.  In this imitation, our heart is pulled by a force of desire so that it can be met on the other side by God for the exchange.  The Act of Consecration is a spiritual communion with Jesus through the heart of Our Lady.”


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