Requirements/Suggested Practices

I would not wish anyone to forego consecration to Mary based on a fear of not being able to live up to the requirements/suggested practices outlined in the previous post.

For instance, in True Devotion to Mary, St. Louis de Montfort says with regard to the recitation of the ‘Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin’:  “They may recite every day of their life – without, however, making a burden of it…”  Of the wearing of little chains he writes, “It is perfectly true that these external insignia are not essential, and a person who has embraced this devotion may very well go without them…”

One of the requirements for consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is keeping the first five Saturdays.  Now, what if that is a legitimate impossibility for someone who desires to be consecrated, someone who perhaps lives in a remote area (I’m thinking of northern Canada, just as an example).  In some areas, consecrated hosts are flown in, in bulk, and there is a Liturgy of the Word once a week.  But one aspect of keeping the first five Saturdays is that you go to confession within eight days before or after the first Saturday of the month, and this would be impossible in a remote area where there are no priests available.

There could be many and varied reasons why certain of the requirements/suggested practices could not be fulfilled, but personally, I would not allow any such impediment to keep me from consecrating myself to Mary.  I would pray to Mary about it, discuss it with her on your Consecration Day, and perhaps offer her something that is within your power to do. 


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  1. And tomorrow is the beginning of the Consecration for some. And there is something new under the sun. Something efficacious.

    I am extraordinarily (and unususally!) reticent about this, but I must say at least a few things about it from my early perspective.

    Even if we wished to, we cannot be blind or deaf to the evil running ever more rampant in our midst the world over. There is disorder even in the earth herself. Has the tribulation begun? I don’t know how sentient beings could think otherwise. There is to come a Reign of peace, however: that of the Sacred Heart Who will restore His kingdom, but it shall be wrought through the Immaculate Heart. The Two Hearts. Mary, along with desiring our saving and protection and forming us into being presentable to the Holy Trinity, desires our help for her triumph of peace (in our hearts, homes, the world around us), and the only help that’ll be workable is our holiest help. Hence, a needed preparation to break from the snares (and they ARE snares) of the world, and to come closer so as to learn her own holiness, or as the Consecration puts it, to exchange hearts with her. (“This Act of Consecration is a spiritual communion with Jesus through the heart of Mary..” a communion which not only should not be made lightly, but it needs a foundation.)

    It has always seemed a bit ludicrous to work for my own good; if I think something might bring a good to others, that is where my effort goes. But even with my strongest efforts, everything has seemed only partial indeed. Minor, fragmented, almost like a mere “Hiya” into a trauma center. It’s perhaps because we are merely minor, fragmented Hiya’s into the world trauma without her help.

    The 3 marks that shall identify her cohort/remnant are devotion to her, fidelity to the Holy Father, and great reverence for Christ in the Holy Eucharist/Blessed Sacrament. Well, two of those are present in me. I have been waylaid by the strangest things in any effort to come closer to her, but nonetheless have noticed that there are most wonderful insights from the Rosary – very important ones, and as I’ve gone through this Consecration’s texts, I see that she is the door to what I have hoped for us to live.

    I was thinking one day while praying the Mysteries that it was not so, that now that her Jesus had died, her motherly agonies were over. She had given her full fiat to the divine pregnancy, and now she carries the Body of Christ and will try her best to deliver each of us safely into God’s Life. I may be saying all of it wrong or badly, but suffice it to say I had just discovered a way I could be comfortable with Mary as mother–which was as a motherly sister, such as the elder sister(s) who raised little Therese when their own mother died early. But having seen that Mary’s motherhood was not rested in Jesus’ death, but rather, that each of us was given her, it is not fair to her – in light of her motherly agonies and efforts just like our own mothers’ – to think of her as sister. She’s far more, as we moms and grandmoms know from our own experiences. And it’s not fair to only call the Queen of Heaven, assumed body and soul, “mother” in even the way that some poor sufferers might have called St. Elizabeth of Thuringen “mother”..

    Mary is as personal a mother to us as she was/is to Jesus, as she was to the Apostles and disciples, too, and not least of all to John, Christ’s first priest, who took her into his life.

    Well, it would appear I’ve lost my reticence, lol. No, not really. There’s much I’m not saying, but I’ll leave it for another time or to others to say. I’ll close this by saying She had me at Day Three, wherein she addresses the willing soul as “My angel” — those were my own mother’s last words to me. I need hesitate no longer.

  2. Heart speaks to heart. Carol, I will be reading this thoroughly this evening, but may the preparation which begins for you and others today be a blessed one, as I know it will be. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you on this consecration journey.

  3. It has been a long journey to this point, and the journey continues, with Mary, and the promise of graces as never before. Carol, you say, “It has always seemed a bit ludicrous to work for my own good”, but we know, don’t we, that all our efforts will come to nothing without our own personal sanctification. Now we have found what was missing, and who was missing in the deepest sense, along that road.

    I am so touched by what you have written here, and I really understand what you mean when you say minor and fragmented. But through consecration to Mary, all our disjointed efforts will be transformed into a whole, into a way of being; as it says in True Devotion to Mary, a permanent disposition of living and acting which embraces one’s entire life.

  4. Oh, G. To help do something real for this aching, breaking world of dying men so deeply Loved, yet who are so afraid to love the One Who loves them. What we seek, and all we seek, can only be found via the two Hearts. And to lay down one’s will, in exchange for the grace of having one’s least effort embedded within Her own and transformed into something holily fitting for both God and His poor suffering Body.. oh, it’s so very little to lay down — there is an attendant joy even in that alone; and as always, I feel utterly pampered. Cor ad Cor ad cor ad cor ad cor ad cor loquitur.

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