In the Upcoming Weeks

Tomorrow begins our walk through the 33-day consecration preparation period.  Blessings to any of you who are starting, and also to those who are simply reading here or studying the consecration material and discerning a future date.

My plan is to have daily posts highlighting the appropriate material for each of the two methods we’ve been discussing (Immaculate Heart of Mary/St. Louis de Montfort).  Depending upon my own schedule, I may have to post several entries at the same time, so please do not pay any attention to the “posting dates”; they will simply be labeled, Day One, Day Two, etc.  In this way they will be generic, and relevant for readers who wish to begin at another time.

I will also be posting passages from St. Louis de Montfort from time to time, as well as from other consecration resources.

Another element over the coming weeks will be Marian video teachings.  I have found several series which I am very excited about sharing here.  While I had not originally planned any extensive use of video on my Mary blog, I have found the teachings to be so well-presented and so informative that I simply must incorporate them.  As I post or link to each video, I will make rough notes below, just as if I were jotting down notes in a journal at home.  This way, anyone may glance at the notes at a later date and have some idea of the content, in case they are searching for one particular video they would like to watch for a second or third time, for example.  These videos are a real learning experience for myself as well; that is why I would rather present them directly to you, rather than attempt to discuss the content myself at this point.

I pray you will all enjoy a quiet, reflective time over the coming weeks, time for  you and Mary.      


3 Responses

  1. I appreciate the time and commitment you have already put into this, Gabrielle, and all you will be putting in over the next 33 days.

  2. Thank you, Ann; it is a labour of love, and I am (and will be) learning so much as well. I am very happy to finally be reading “True Devotion to Mary” and learning the Montfortian way. I am doing a “mixed” preparation of both methods, and will be renewing my consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Feast of the Annunciation. I have not yet fulfilled the First Five Saturday devotion since my consecration day last August, and so I offer my work on this site in the meantime. Who was it that said, or used as a title, “Surprised by Joy”? I don’t remember. But that is what has happened to me, exactly. I’ve been surprised by joy.

  3. C.S. Lewis (“Joy”).. or was it Chesterton the convert who spoke so well of Mary?

    I, too, appreciate every effort of time and commitment here.

    Thank you. 🙂

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