Giving and Receiving

The following is an excerpt from Pope John Paul II’s, Insegnamenti (teaching; homily) of May 13, 1982, the Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima.  Pope John Paul II was at the Fatima shrine that day, exactly one year after the assassination attempt, in order to thank the Blessed Virgin for her intercession.  It was his first trip to the shrine.

“Consecrating oneself to Mary means helping her to offer ourselves and mankind to him who is holy, infinitely holy; it means letting oneself be aided by her – by having recourse to her Mother’s heart, opened beneath the cross to love for every person, for the whole world – to offer the world and man, and mankind, and all nations to him who is infinitely holy.  God’s holiness was manifested in the redemption of man, of the world, of the whole of mankind, of the nations:  a redemption which occurred through the sacrifice of the cross.  ‘I consecrate myself for their sakes,’ Jesus said (Jn. 17:19).

The world and man were consecrated through the power of the Redemption.  They were consecrated to him who is infinitely holy.  They were offered and confided to Love himself, to the merciful Love.

The Mother of Christ summons us and invites us to join with the Church of the living God in this consecration of the world, in this entrustment whereby the world, mankind, the nations, all individual people are offered to the eternal Father through the power of the Redemption of Christ.  They are offered up in the heart of the Redeemer pierced on the cross.

The Mother of the Redeemer calls us, asks us, and aids us to join in this consecration, in entrustment of the world.  Then indeed do we find ourselves as near as possible to the heart of Christ pierced on the cross.”

This excerpt was taken from:  John Paul II’s Book of Mary, compiled by Margaret R. Bunson, pages 51-52.

An insightful and informative article which I would like to mention here since we are exploring the question “why?” is Msgr. Arthur B. Calkins’ Why Mary’s Heart?  This article touches on a variety of topics including the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the union of the Two Hearts, and also consecration, with many wonderful quotations from Pope John Paul II, including passages from the particular Insegnamenti mentioned in this post.


3 Responses

  1. If JP II stood on the edge of a mountain, spread his arms as if to fly and looked behind to ask, “Ready?” — I would nod, now, neither looking down or back. Well, he did do this, and is still doing this, and if there’s a down or a back, I don’t know it.

    Msgr. Calkins’ article is wonderful, as is that site, as is this one.

    I was just re-reading in your left-hand panel, “To live our consecration requires the sacrifice of our own will, so that His will may be done in us. ..” I marvel that I ever gave any importance to my will — it only sees drop-offs, and climbs back down.

  2. He really loved her – this could be said of Jesus and His Blessed Mother and can just as easily be said of Pope John Paul and Our Blessed Mother.

  3. Bonjour mesdames. I cannot get into my wordpress to do posts, but I can see the site at least and say hello! I hope it is only a temporary delay. The book you see in the post is one that I borrowed from my church library, and it is really excellent. I was looking up “insegnamenti” on English/Italian online dictionaries, and guess what I came across on google? An “insegnamenti” by Padré Salvatore, but unfortunately, when I followed the link nothing appeared which would open up (and a few unfortunate things appeared as well). Well, I’m off now to write my posts on Word, and I’ll copy & paste later. 🙂

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