Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes

[Excerpt from the speech delivered in French at Lourdes by (then Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice) Pope John XXIII on March 25, 1958, for the consecration of the Church dedicated to St. Pius X. This excerpt is taken from the book, “Journal of a Soul. The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII”.]

“O holy Virgin, O Immaculate… O Queen of Lourdes, grant us, O, from the fulness of your grace grant us your gifts. Renew the miracles of a century and let new wonders follow the old. In this place add new glory to your hand and your right arm…

May the confident messages you repeated to your beloved Bernadette find here, O Immaculate Virgin, more ample proof of your generosity in the appeals you make, here and elsewhere, for the return of the scattered children to their Father’s home, which is still your home, our own precious home; may these pilgrimages continue, for the uplifting of souls, the healing of bodies and the ripening of golden fruits of patience, kindness and self-dedication…

Holy Mary Immaculate, help all who are in trouble. Help all who are in trouble: give courage to the faint-hearted, console the sad, heal the infirm, pray for the people, intercede mercifully for the clergy, have a special thought for nuns; may all feel, all enjoy your kind and powerful assistance, all who now and always render and will render you honour, and will offer you their petitions…”

For a link to the official website (where you can see a variety of lovely little videos direct from Lourdes) celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes to St. Bernadette, please see my post today at Contemplative Haven.     


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  1. Amen to the Blessed’s lovely prayer.. one can hear the heavy breath in his pauses of great joy..I don’t recall his voice, but I think it must’ve been soft. I must get that book. And I am enjoying the Jubilee Year links way too much.. thank you for all, here.

  2. Fifty years ago, when it was the centenary of the apparitions re Lourdes, I think they celebrated the Jubilee year from Feb 1958 to Feb 1959. So this speech was given in March 58, during the Jubilee Centenary, but he was not Pope until Oct 1958. So he was Pope when it ended, in Feb 1959, and his closing prayer for the Jubilee is also in the autobiography.

    For this 150th Jubilee year, they are running it from Dec 2007 to Dec 2008. I believe they changed the starting date to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, because it was at Lourdes that Mary announced to Bernadette the fact that she was the Immaculate Conception.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the little videos from Lourdes. I did too!

  3. I know Gabrielle the latest report of a petition already in Rome, from cardinals, urging proclamation of a Marian Dogma, proclaiming Mary Spiritual Mother of all, seems almost like an answer to this very prayer of Popo John xx13.

  4. Ann, as I read the Pope’s speech, I also thought immediately of, “Mary, the Mother of all Nations”…

    Yes, the work towards having a 5th Marian Dogma proclaimed is steadily building. I’ll put a link here to the report to which I think you are referring: Zenit Article on 5th Marian Dogma if anyone wishes to read it.

    We will be exploring this very soon here, because it is something very important that we all should be educated about, for many reasons, but I think it is essential for those of us actually living in the times when it is taking place, and also, it is closely tied to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Two Hearts United.

  5. Happy feast Day..

  6. Thank you, Jackie!

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