Excuse me, everyone, but I made a very silly mistake.  If you wish to have your Consecration Day on the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25th), the beginning day for preparation is February 21st (normally it would be February 20th, but there are 29 days in February this year), not February 2nd, like I mentioned in the combox on one of the posts.  I’m very sorry; I was looking at the wrong line on the schedule-calendar.

There is another factor to keep in mind.  When the Feast of the Annunciation falls within the Octave of Easter, as it does this year, the celebration of the Feastday is delayed.  We will actually be celebrating it this year on March 31st.  So I would say that it would be an individual decision, whether one prefers to have the actual date of March 25th as the Consecration Day, or whether one would like to prolong the preparation and have the Consecration Day on the day we actually celebrate the Feast.

Well, at least that gives us more time to get acquainted with the consecration-preparation resources, and to have some posts on the “why” of consecration to Mary, as well as to prepare ourselves this week for the beginning of Lent.

My apologies for this mix-up (but it’s not the first time, and I know it won’t be the last.)  🙂


3 Responses

  1. See there? I trust you so much, I didn’t even do the math!

    It’s good to have a little more time, because folks really should read through the consecration preparation and promises and all, first. The spirit is always willing, but the mind blinks and needs time to take in the utterly astounding realization that this gift has not crossed their path coincidentally. I can attest to the fact, however, that even the mere reading of it all gives one peace of heart and courage. Many little windows open and light pours in.

    But also, yes indeed– it is good to be thinking as deeply as possible of Lent just now.

  2. I agree with Justme, it is a kind of profitable oops. It gives me a chance to prepare and think about what I am entering into, and also, now that I’ve downloaded the online version I can read through it and gain a better understanding.
    I can see that you are an instrument of the Holy Spirit here, Gabrielle. I don’t know if you ever read Fr Mark Kirby at Vultus Christi, he is very good at describing the undeniable unshakeable link beween Mary and the Holy Spirit, and how it is the Holy Spirit who instils in us a love and devotion to Mary.
    And now you’re going to be able to lead others along the road, just as someone else led you by prayer or prompting.
    At least that’s the way I see things from here, and I’m lookng forward to 21st.

  3. JustMe and Ann, I agree that it will be profitable to have more time to become familiar with the material, the Promises, the reasons behind consecration, etc. I hope to be able to post more information that may be of help before the 21st. But the “if and when” of Consecration to Mary is entirely the personal decision of any reader here; not something of which to be afraid, but not something to be taken lightly either. And once we go through the Consecration material, and begin to go through one consecration period, we will also be looking at many other Marian themes.

    Ann, thanks for mentioning Fr. Kirby of Vultus Christi. It seems to me someone mentioned him to me before, but now I will definitely begin reading his blog on a regular basis. Humanly or saintly speaking, I don’t know who may have been praying for me to begin my own consecration, Ann, but I felt the Holy Spirit and Mary directing me, beyond a doubt; I could tell, because of the swiftness and almost urgent-like quality to the way it all happened.

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