Getting Started

Three of the primary consecration resources which will be used on this blog are:

  1. “True Devotion to Mary” (St. Louis de Montfort)
  2. “The Secret of Mary” (St. Louis de Montfort)
  3. “In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph.  Consecration Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” (Fr. Dominik Maria) 

“True Devotion to Mary” has also been published over the years under the titles of “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” and “Treatise on True Devotion to Mary”.  I am using this version of True Devotion to Mary, and this version of The Secret of Mary, both published by TAN.  Please bear in mind that there have been many different translations over the years from the original French, so the passages I quote here may not be worded identically to what is in your own book, or to what you may be following along with online.  (Just as an aside, many of the publications as well as the online versions spell this saint’s name incorrectly.  The”d” in de Montfort should not be capitalized, so I will only be using the correct spelling on this blog).

Online Resources:

So, over the next little while, I’d like us to spend some time here becoming familiar with these consecration resources, as well as talking about the reasons behind consecration to Mary.  As we do so, some of you may experience a call to begin a formal consecration preparation in February, ending with a Consecration Day of March 25th, and I’d love to be right beside you every step of the way. ♥ ♥ ♥

All I Want To Do