Welcome To My Mary Blog

Hello, dear readers.

You may have arrived here via my other blog, Contemplative Haven.  A number of weeks ago, after publishing this post and receiving quite a bit of feedback, I realized that the combox was not where I wished to explore the subject in detail.  Also, having been drawn to posting more and more concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, and not wishing to change the direction of Contemplative Haven completely, I decided to dedicate a site entirely to Marian discussions.

There is so much I would like to say and do here I didn’t know where to begin, and I think that was one reason for the delay in opening this site.  There’s not much in the sidebar yet, but it will all fall into place, I’m sure, as time goes by.  I’ll be adding links little by little as time allows, and the goal for the video widget (currently showing only two videos as I was learning how to use it) is to collect not only beautiful but informative Marian material.

I hope you’ll join me here.  Posts may be scarce during the Advent/Christmas season, but God willing, I’m here for the long-haul.  I guess when one doesn’t know where to start, one should just jump right in.  So let’s go.  Let’s grow.  Mary will take us by the hand and lead us. 

“The Mother of God comes to us to lead us by the hand into the sanctification of our souls, to prepare our hearts to be presented to Jesus.  All that she requests of us is an open heart.”  [Consecration Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary]    


13 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Gabrielle, from an Anglican who knows he needs the gentle leading of our Lady, and to know more about her than is generally known in his communion! I’m so looking forward to seeing how your blog develops, and to reading all you have to share.

    All blessings from


  2. Here I am, first visitor, signing in at your first post. I’m very happy to be here and to start this new path with you. (((hugs))) and..thank you.

  3. Beautiful! I am so looking forward to every word, for all those like me and far holier who have somehow missed the glories and the deep love of Mary.

  4. oops…sorry mike, I guess we were posting pretty much at the same time!

  5. Mike, Pia, JustMe, I’m thrilled to see you here! I’m really looking forward to journeying with you, down this road which took me by surprise. I’m sure you’ll all be patient.

  6. Happy to join you here.

  7. Thanks, Owen! I know your time is limited, so it will be good to hear your thoughts whenever you have time to pop in.

  8. What a glorious command of the senses!!!! A beautiful beginning of a most holy adventure. Will be glad to be along for the ride. I always find that there is so much wonder in the life of Holy Mother Church, that I never fail to learn something I didn’t know before. It will be most enlightening…AMEN!

  9. Thank you so much, Cathy. It will be a real learning experience for me as well.

  10. I think we should get ourselves some pictures. Pia’s the only one here who’s attractive! She’s positively blooming!

  11. Well, “my” blooming self shows up elsewhere, but it’s a Google avatar and apparently that doesn’t work here in WordPress. Either that, or I don’t really exist. Nah, it’s probably the avatar thing — I’m pretty sure I leave footprints in this dastardly white stuff covering my lilac buds.

    But where’s your blooming and/or ruminating self?

  12. Gettin’ there…

  13. I like it 🙂 The heart fits you.

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