The Immaculate Conception

I am happy to be “officially” starting this blog today, a very special Marian feastday.  Blessings upon any of you who may have just finished your 33-day consecration preparation, and whose Consecration Day is today, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I will be starting off here with posts concerning the “why” and “how” of consecration to Mary, but for today, for this feastday, I invite you to watch this excellent video, The Immaculate Conception.


11 Responses

  1. I doubt if there could be a better day for starting than this.
    I’m looking forwrd to the discussion. Good luck and God bless.

  2. To love Jesus is to already love His Mother.

    God bless you.

  3. Amen and amen.

    I am looking very foward to hearing about this Consecration.

  4. Hi, Ann! Yes, since I was already so behind in opening the site, I told JustMe that I should wait a few more days until this feastday, to make it more special. I’m so glad to see you here, Ann.

    Hush, welcome, and thanks so much for leaving a comment. May God bless you as well.

    Hi again, JM. I hope I can present it in a helpful way for people, little by little. I really appreciate your support.

  5. I wish you grace and many blessings in this very worthy exercise.

  6. One of the aspects about blogging that is most satisfying in a strange sort of way is the not knowing how many readers directly or indirectly turn to God or Mary because of something in a post which causes something to spark to life within them.
    That’s why I think designing a site like this, with the sole purpose of bringing souls to Mary will flourish… many in the world tend to ignore her, in spite of coming back again and again to urge us to prayer they turn deaf ears to her requests. And so when Mary sees somethhing like this, is there not great joy in the knowledge that at least some are listening……and doing.

  7. Thanks, Ann. I hope so. Time to settle in now that the busy Christmas season is almost over. Good thing Mary is just as patient as Jesus. 🙂

  8. As one who has a great devotion for Our Lady of Mt Carmel and being under Her special protection , I will be looking forward to more posts on this blog, Gab! What a lovely apostolate you have.

  9. This is good news….affirmative …In the past I had no particular affiliation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but after you set up this blog, and faced with a situation way outside my league and hands, I began to pray each day, a simple prayer ; ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary, I lift up to you this day, the heart and mind of X. Please intercede on my behalf and ask your beloved Son if it is God’s will to move the heart of X so that the right decision will be made.’
    The right decision has indeed been made, against great odds, and I have absolutely no doubt that the prayer’s success is entirely due to the advocacy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    Thank you so much Gabrielle for this new blog.

  10. Beautiful post & blog…i will add it to my links..

  11. Terry, teresa, Jackie, thank you very much, for coming to see the new blog and for your best wishes. To all of you, and especially to dear Ann, I can tell you that something fiercely strong has been holding me back from being here. To anyone who said a prayer or two for me, I thank you.

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